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Member News

Hey Members,

Did someone you know celebrate a special event, win a golf tournament, or have a hip replaced......  Have any news, please send your current stories to .   If it's a short statement, use the contact us form below.  Thank you!

Input news stories about members  life events or news about our community

Examples below.

Board Member Jim Kelly and wife Karen are now first time grandparents.  Baby Oliver James and mom are doing fine.  

Gene and Jodi Ross followed their iphone's instructions on the way down to a family wedding in North Carolina.  The phone directed them onto a portion of US 129 commonly known as Deal's Gap or the Tail of the Dragon.  This is a famous ride for motorcyclists who like an adrenaline rush.  Finding no place to turn around, Gene bravely drove on.  Luckily for them, they didn't find out it was the #1 most dangerous road in the United States or that an average of 12 people per year fall to their deaths on that portion of the road until after they arrived.  We are happy they lived to tell their tale.

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